Meet the Maker: Lusty Monk Mustard

 Lusty Monk Mustard is featured in Altamont, Beer City, Land of the Sky, & Pisgah View Picnic

Kelly was poring through an old Victorian cookbook when she came across a recipe for mustard. Curiosity aroused, she decided to make a batch of her own. And what a batch it was! She created the cook’s secret weapon, the pretzel’s best friend, and the perfect companion for lovers of spice and heat.

Oh, about that name: seems that in medieval Europe, there was a widespread belief that mustard was an aphrodisiac. Some monks were even forbidden to eat mustard, lest they fall prey to carnal desires. Other monasteries embraced mustard making and turned it into an art form. The folks at Lusty Monk are just carrying on that grand tradition.

You can find them online at

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