Asheville Goods

If you know Asheville, you know it’s home to small-batch artisanal food producers, a passionate community of organic farmers, handcrafters of exquistie sundries, and fabulously independent small businesses. We handpick a selection of the area’s best local goods and package it a handsome eco-friendly box, so that you can indulge, discover new tastes, and share the love!

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About Celia Naranjo

I’ve been hanging around Asheville long enough that I can justifiably say, “remember when…?” I’ve watched Asheville grow organically, from the efforts of artists, activists, farmers, philanthropists, and small entrepreneurs into a town with a local culture we can all be proud of. I’ve seen its beautiful mountains act as a siren call to passionate, committed folks of all kinds, shielding itself (and me) from undue corporate influences. It’s a special place. I’ve created this business in the spirit of Asheville.


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