Meet the Maker: Imladris Farm

Imladris Farm is featured Altamont, Blue Ridge Breakfast, Land of the Sky, and  Super Sweet on Carolina

Imladris Farm, owned and operated by Walter, Wendy, and Andy Harrill, is a small family-owned farm focusing on sustainable agriculture. The farm is their re-creation of Walter’s great-grandparents’ farm. Since inheriting the farm in 1997, they’ve found numerous fruit trees, including apple and plum trees, nut trees, raspberry bushes, gooseberry bushes, and more. They’ve made it their goal to return to earlier, simpler methods of agriculture and living. They feel strongly that plants and animals, if supported and nurtured, will produce high-quality yields that are unavailable through conventional, commercial means.

Their farm is located southeast of Asheville, in the small mountain community of Fairview. To visit the farm, call (828) 545-2631 or email You can also find them online at

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