For a short time, our Sweet on Carolina boxes are on sale! We’ve had to make a few changes to the boxes as our artisan producers are always making improvements and tweaking their productions.


BMDCtinwithchocWe’re excited that our Super Sweet on Carolina box now includes an 8oz. tin of Black Mountain Chocolate’s Signature Dark drinking chocolate, so you can enjoy more cups of this delicious and decadent beverage! Along with the drinking chocolate, this gift box of sweet treats includes Dolci di Maria’s delicious chocolate-with-chocolate-chips biscotti (gluten-free!), Looking Glass Creamery’s Carmelita made with goat’s milk, Imladris Farm raspberry jam, a French Broad Chocolate bar of 68% to 70% cacao, a Black Mountain Chocolate bar of 70% with a hint of sea salt (Celtic Sea Salt, of course),  Ulimana’s 4-package of dark cacao truffles, and chocolate-covered salted caramels made with love by Sue and Andrew Chisholm of Chocolate Gems. This is the perfect box to give to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day or any day to a special love in your life.

Our Sweet on Carolina box is only slightly less decadent, but still enough chocolate to thrill your Valentine. Just add a bottle of port and a pillow by the fireside to this box of aphrodisiac treats! Includes: Dolci di Maria’s delicious chocolate-with-chocolate-chips biscotti, a French Broad Chocolate bar of 68% to 70% cacao, a Black Mountain Chocolate bar of 70% with a hint of sea salt, Ulimana’s 4-package of dark cacao truffles, and Chocolate Gems’ chocolate covered salted caramels.


Please be sure to order ahead with enough time to ship your gift. Of course you may order and pickup a box to hand-deliver to your sweetheart. Just give us a call at 828-252-9175 or email us at Don’t forget to use your GoLocal card for a discount on top of the sale price. That’s an extra thank you for buying local and supporting our public schools and the local economy! And if you don’t have one, you can buy one at over 20 locations  around town or online.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you Sweethearts and Romantics!


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