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Blue Ridge Breakfast

This honey is a pale golden nectar, sourwood honey that has a mild but distinctive flavor and often an anise aroma. Prized by honey purists worldwide, sourwood honey is produced mainly in the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains where sourwood trees are prevalent. These trees bloom from late June through July in about a 25 day period, so sourwood honey is often in short supply. Drizzle this rare honey on a buttered biscuit or cornbread for pure sweet mountain flavor. 5.5 oz.

In the Appalachians, a drink for hot summer haymaking days was called “switchell.” Made by combining a half cup of sourwood honey and a half cup of cider vinegar  and stored in a jar, four teaspoons would be added to a dipper of water to quench thirst on a warm summer’s day.*



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July 10, 2014

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