Meet the Maker: Theros Olive Oil

Theros Olive Oil is featured in the Balsam gift box

A small family business, Theros Olive Oil creates a unique link between the olive groves of the rolling Peloponnese hills and the Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina. During November and December, Spero Theros lives on his family farm in Greece, helping to bring in the olive harvest and produce the oil. Throughout the rest of the year, he lives in Asheville, providing oil directly to retailers and restaurants in Asheville. Chocolatiers French Broad Chocolate use Theros Olive Oil in their renowned chocolates; restaurants such as Table and Posana use it to enhance their farm-to-table ingredients. This distinctive connection between two regions known for their family farms and sustainable agriculture makes Theros Olive Oil a perfect choice for Asheville Goods. We are pleased to offer Theros Olive Oil in our Balsam gift box.

You can find them online at

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