Brown paper packages tied up with string…These are a few of my favorite things!

Now a few words about our boxes: No bling or flash or cheap baskets stuffed with plastic filler just to take up space. Just a simple, yet handsome, brown kraft box tied with baker’s twine.

I chose this packaging to reduce the amount of waste that is left after you’ve eaten all the good stuff. These simple boxes just feel right for the job, because it’s what’s inside that counts. The mighty kraft box is made from recycled paper and is easily recycled. But before you flatten it and put it in your recycling bin, you may want to consider reusing the sturdy box for re-gifting or for keeping papers, trinkets, or treasures. It has the added benefit of being biodegradable, and will choke back the weeds in your garden before degrading into mulch.

The paper shred that keeps your goods safe during travels is also biodegradable and recyclable, but you may also like to know that it is produced from paper at the 140-year-old family-run French Paper Mill in Niles, MI. Not only is the paper 100% recycled, but the mill itself is “off the grid,” meaning it is totally water-powered, producing its own electricity from the nearby St. Joseph River. Even the discharge from the mill is cleaner than the water in the river! This mill was green before green was cool.

The cotton baker’s twine ties up your box real neat, but breaks with a snap, and is reminiscent of bringing home those special pastries from the corner bakery. You know there’s something exceptional inside that you can’t wait to get to!

Our extra-large boxes are tied with red and brown paper raffia ribbon. Reuse or recycle it!