We want to thank everyone for the support Asheville Goods has received over the past several months during the ongoing pandemic. We’ve been able to continue packing and sending hundreds of boxes of locally-made goods across the country and across town to your friends, relations, and clients. We remain very busy, which means that we’ve continued purchasing from all our local vendors, giving them a boost when many of their usual retail outlets were closed.

We’re so busy in fact that we’re calling for  a “Summer Recess and Reset.” Though the majority of our Makers were able to keep afloat, we’ve lost a couple products that were crucial to our selections, and we are working to find new vendors and products, not only to keep our curated selections on the shelf, but to create new ones as well. Additionally we’ve experienced some web site issues that our kind customers have brought to our attention, and we need to focus on it so that you’ll be better served, and we can spend less time pulling our hair out.

Our Summer Recess will begin July 8 and go through the 19. Order by midnight on the 8th and your box will go out this week! The website will remain open, but orders received after the 8th will be shipped on July 20. That being said, if you’re in dire need of a gift (we understand!), please call, and we’ll see if we can help you through your gift emergency! 

When we return, be on the lookout for our new box selections:  the Grove bar box and the Land of the Sky grill box. The Laurel will be available in an uplifting citrus-scented version!

We are a mostly online business, though we do like to see customers in-person at our packing and shipping shop in west Asheville. We’ve been closed to walk-in customers during the pandemic, but under phase 2 of the NC state order (when we return from Recess), we will be open to walk-in customers wearing masks—and as our shop front is so small—only one customer (or group) is allowed at a time.

We will continue curbside pickup too. If you’re interested in buying individual products, you can call us, and we’ll have them ready for you. Additionally I’m happy to arrange a video call so that I can show products before you buy.

I can’t close this post without talking about the the paradigm shift that’s happening in our communities, the nation, and the entire world. And on this U.S. Independence Day weekend, I welcome the changes. All lives can’t matter until black lives matter. As the daughter of a brown-skinned immigrant, who pursued and lived his dream of becoming a physician and a citizen of the U.S.A., I’ve always had a special appreciation for the difficult and grand experiment our founders undertook to create a uniquely American vision of government—one that believed that educating its citizens would allow a democratic country to grow, progress, and prosper. The founders gave us the pillars of democracy to build upon, and despite getting much right, we got many things wrong.  We continued building despite the obvious and overwhelming flaws, weaknesses, and missing parts. After far too long, we see where the experiment failed. It’s time to rebuild true to the founders’ pillars. We are a young country and America is the land of opportunity. I hope we can meet the challenges ahead by acknowledging the misdeeds of the past—moving forward together with kind and humble hearts and a determination to create a “more perfect union.” Happy Birthday America—what a grand experiment you are!

With gratitude for your continuing support, and wishing you all a safe and happy Summer!

Wear a mask, wash your hands!

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