Bee Naturally Lip Balm

Bee Naturally Lip Balm

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Hand-made Beeswax Lip Balm made with Coconut oil, Lanolin, Beeswax and Essential Oils. This creamy Lip Balm blend is a spa treatment for your lips, leaving them soft and supple. A must have for your lips!

*Lanolin is in this product; if any allergies to wool; be aware of a possible allergic reaction.*
Lanolin makes skin soft and supple.
Shea butter is a great moisturizer.
Coconut oil is an excellent skin nourisher.
Beeswax helps lock in moisture.

Made in small batches with natural or organic ingredients.

Essential Oils are used; no fragrances added.
Gluten free
Synthetic coloring free
Never tested on animals


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May 8, 2017

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